About Us

IITIIMatrimony.com has been founded on the premise that people are more likely to select a life-partner who has a similar sophistication level, as evidenced by his/her educational and professional background and family background.

As happens with a lot of startups, IITIIMatrimony.com was formulated as a solution to one of our own and our friends’ problems - frustration with the existing online matchmaking websites in India. We realized that for existing websites neither offer the customizability of our search nor offer us a time saving solution to the age old problem of the perfect match

After talking to a lot of prospective customers we arrived at a set of desirable features that makes IITIIMatrimony different. We offer the solution of logging on to the website through the popular social networking sites. We have come up with our own algorithm that searches a match for you depending on your priority; if professional background is more important you rate it as the most important criteria , if family is more important than use it as the defining criteria. We have tried to separate the wheat from the chaff and have only premier outstanding profiles with sound educational backgrounds. And Lastly we hate filling forms everywhere and believe time is money and hence we have come up with the concept of FATATFAT Search

We do not offer a magic wand but certainly believe that IITIIMatrimony.com will help make your journey of finding a life-partner an enjoyable and exciting one.