How do I create my profile online?

Creating a profile on iitiimatrimony.com is free. Go to home page on www.Iitiimatrimony.com.com and select the option Register free. Fill the Registeration Form. Contact details i.e. E-mail id and mobile/landline number are mandatory. Once you complete the registration form the profile is screened and made available to be viewed by other members within 24 hrs


Do I have to fill the entire registration form?

It is necessary to fill the page of the registration form. The page captures your basic details and once you submit this page the profile id gets generated which is mailed to you. We have tried to minimize as much information as possible but still when it comes to marriage , you would like to fill information as truthfully as possible.


Are there any specific DO's and DON’T's while creating a matrimonial profile?

DO’s star with a simple rule – “Be Honest”. Fill all youe details accurately. Just the way you would shortlist other profile basis the criteria that they have filled. They would be doing the same.Also it is advisable to add as much details as possible in the profile to facilitate your search process.

DONT write any content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist. Also please don’t put your contact details in the “About Me” section. Lastly please ensure you put a valid email id and phone number as that’s the only way other members will contact you.


How do I log in once I have registered with iitiimatrimony.com?

To login to the profile go to www.iitiimatrimony.com. There is an option for existing user to login. Enter you registered e-mail id and the password and you will login to your profile.


How do I change / edit my profile?

The profile post creation can be edited by going to My Profile link. Once you login, go to My Profile Management link and click on the edit option next to the information you wish to change.


How do I delete my profile?

We hope that you want to delete your profile because you have found your soul-mate. If you are angry with us because you had a bad experience with a member, then let us know. Incase you are annoyed because we call you/email/sms to you very often, then drop a mail to us and we will take action against the concerned individual.


Can 2 profiles be registered with the same e-mail id?

E-mail id is utilized as an alternate login id and hence is unique for each profile. Once a e-mail id is updated on the website then it gets recorded in our database and cannot be used again even after deleting the profile.


How do I contact a iitiimatrimony.com member?

When you like a user's profile and want to contact them, the first step is to 'Send a Proposal’ to them. To do that, you can either click on the 'Send Proposal’ link in the summary profile of a user that is featured in search results or use the ‘Send Proposal’ button in the detailed profile of that user.

Is there a limit on the number of Proposals that I can send?

No there is no limit on the number of Proposals you can send.


If I had declined a profile but wish to Contact them now then what needs to be done?

To accept your declined profile, go to “My Accepted Proposals” link and select the option “Declined.” Click the link “Accept this member” for the profile you wish to accept now.


How do I add a photo to my profile and is it important to do so?

It is important to add your photo, because the most viewed profiles on our site are the ones with a photograph. In fact, putting a photograph increases the chances of a response by about 5 times than what a normal profile would have got!!.  Uploading a photo on your Iitiimatrimony.com profile is very easy now. You can upload upto 6 photos. You need to login to your profile and go to “My Profile Management” option. Then select the option Upload Photos.For the main profile picture you will also get an option to select the thumbnail. If you are unable to do so then mail us the photos on

How can I search for different users on iitiimatrimony.com?

There are various options to search profiles on the website. Following are the various search options available:-







FATAFAT SEARCH is a new concept brought by us where we are trying to replicate Google Search in our database. We hate filling up forms and so does everyone else. You want to search for a Bride from Delhi from IIM; you just type it in FATAFAT SEARCH and it throws up the profile. You are searching for groom from one of the IITs , just type it and it throws up the result. Its Short , Sweet and just the way I am sure you would like it.


What is Quick Search ?

Quick Search is a basic search on the website. It helps you search basis Age, Gender, Religion, Caste,. It also provides an additional option to search based on Photo availability.
However, quick search is a basic search engine and provides only limited criteria for search. The quick search bar is available ON My Searches link on the top bar on iitiimatrimony.com


What is Advanced Search ?

Advance Search is a more detailed search engine. Apart from providing the options in Quick search you can also search by Education, Occupation, Income, life style & attributes.
It also gives you an option to search only profiles available for chat. The advanced search can be accessed by clicking on the ‘Advanced Search’ link in My Search bar that is available on top of every page.


How can I refine my search results?

Once you search particular criteria you get an option to refine the search results on the left. Just click on the links/ tick the check boxes to narrow down to your specific criteria.


What is Search by profile Id?

In case a profile id is available and you wish to view details of that particular profile only then you can do so by searching through this option. It is mandatory to have the profile id of the user. Users e-mail id can not be searched


What is My saved searches?

My saved searches can be used to save any particular profiles. When you search with a particular criteria its possible that you are not able to decide on the profiles. Then you can save all those profiles.